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Gallery catalogue as follows;

Bust of Agonon, textile and clay,
Muldoon. 2788.

This remarkable form, representing Agonon's misery at the moment of eternal interment, received a bittersweet reception in Muldoon's hometown of Ternana. The expression of Agonon is said to embody creation, preservation and destruction, which are so central to Mellifluan belief. While some admire Muldoon's interpretation of the story (the best-known regarding the centipede god), many resent the cheap idolatry the sculpture invokes. They argue that Muldoon (literally) placed Agonon upon a pedestal, when his adultery is the last thing that should be celebrated. Others claim Muldoon's work is mercenary, and that he was commissioned to produce it by the Empress if Kioki for a grand fee. Whatever his reasons, it remains on the the most iconic works of the Golden Age.

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"The Verdubans arrive to petition the Vinicoti regent."
Oil on board.

Unknown painter c. 1722

This ancient, and wonderfully preserved painting is likely to be a recollection of the Verduban visit to the shores of Vinicoti, rather than one painted in situ. The Verduban cause c\u00e9l\u00e8bre here is the lifestyle of the Vinicotian cannibals, who at the time it was painted, had grown increasingly feverous at the sight of Verduban ships. This was largely because they say embroidered images of body parts on the saisl of passing Verduban ships, and took it to be an omen of their deliciousness.

Following a number of incidents, the Verdubans wanted a guarantee of safe passage through the strait, and send a negotiator to Vinicoti who was well versed in island dialects. The story goes that receiving a warm welcome, the Verdubans trooped on island in the hope of meeting the cannibal ruler, and were never to be seen again.

The painter makes clever use of light to signify the hubristic optimism of the Verduban mariners coming ashore, white sails of ears, feet and hands flying in honour of the ice god, whilst capturing a sense of their impending tragedy.

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Sky Hulk's Oculus, salvatged parts.

Anonymous 3034.

This is part of our current exhibition. The artist wishes to remain anonymous, as the work represents a subjective view of a contentious subject. Nevertheless, by repackaging the eye of a sky hulk as a human one, the artist hopes to convey something of the disembodiment of machine warfare...

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