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Section 1

Bogvik's Book of Wind
Translated from Great Marshan by Fasium, a survivor.

"Toof! Why d'you 'urt me so!"

He sought the wise woman, but she would not let him near. She threw stones at him from her roof until he'd cleared off. Then he tried waiting it out, hoping the pain would desist, but it didn't. Bogvik rubbed at his mouth with sticky tar, but as with so many of his problems, that didn't help either.

"Wicked toof, I must have 'ee out!" he moaned in despair.

Bogvik tried his good hammer, which was useful for everything. But once he fit it in his mouth, there was no room to give it a swing.

At his wits' end, he donned his cloak and blundered into Darnik. Though his hood was up and his ribbons tight, he couldn't conceal his true nature. On the busy boardway, the crowd frantically parted, some diving into the lagoon to escape.

"It's Bogvik! Run!" They yelped.

"No, I'm not Bogvik!" he cried, pulling his cloak over his face, "it's not me!"

Section 2

Inside the dental surgery, Mr. Andvik maintained his professional reverie. He clipped, and threaded, knapped and bristled. Then finally, he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Thank you Mrs. Reynard, that's all done now."
"Oh thank you Mr. Andvik, I'm extremely grateful, I really am. They said you were the best around."
"I'm the only one around, so it's a lucky thing l'm the best," he gleamed.
Mrs. Reynard squelched up her face, politely indulging Mr. Andvik his little joke, and made her way to the door.
But before she could reach for the handle, she doubled to the floor as if struck in the back by a brick. She clamped her hand over her nose, gasping.
"Ohh!" she cried, "It is abhorrent."
"Goodness me, are you alright?" said Mr.Andvik.
"The smell, the smell! The terrible smell!"
"What kind of smell?" said Mr.Andvik with bright curiosity.
Mrs. Reynard gagged several times while Mr.Andvik waited for her to answer. Eventually Mrs. Reynard, whose head was nearly touching the floor, twisted her neck to look at Mr.Andvik one last time before passing out. Mr.Andvik was considering what to do with her, when there was a knock at the door.

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Section 4

Rotten indeed!" said Mr. Andvik, as he removed a piece of

enamel from the broad froggy mouth with customary care. Bogvik lay back relaxed, happy that he had help with his problems.
"And are you alright Mrs. Reynard?" said Mr. Andvik, not

looking up from his work.

Mrs. Reynard roused herself and got to her feat. Still

holding her nose she exited the Surgery withOut turther correspondence. Bogvik eyed his saviour happily.
"Are you not...'avin any difficulties with my musk?" he said, through the brace that held his jaw apart.
"You mean your terrible smell? No, not at all. Happily. or unhappily, I lost that sense when I was a small boy. I bumped on the boom of a boat whilst fishing, and since that day I have smelled nothing. not even the honkiest


"Oh." said Bogvik. "That is sad. You must miss the aroma

of hot ogball, or delicious eels cooked on a griddle. But for me, I'm glads since you can ease my toot's distress.

without having to smell me."

"What about poor old everyone else!" said Andvik. not knowing how sensitive Bogvik was on the matter.

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Section 6

It had been evident as soon as Bogvik left the dental practice, that nothing had changed vis-a-vis his odour. People were clambering over one another to get out of his path. He put this down to the dental treatment not having fully taken effect, and wended merrily back to the deep Marsha believing life was worth living again.

Imagine his despair then, when he returned to Darnik a few days later, only to find
The revulsion unabated.

"Oh god. Oh holy frogspawn, get it away from me!"

Bogvik panicked and dove into the lagoon, and planned to swim away, back to the deep Marsha, when he heard a familiar voice.

"Wait, wait, dear Bogvik."

It was Mr. Andvik.

"Why, Mr. Andvik!" said Bogvik, at first pleased to see him, but then turning suddenly angry.

"You said I wouldn't smell!"

"I said nothing of the sort. I said your tooth might be one of the reasons for a smell. Besides, you came to me because your tooth hurt. Does it hurt now. If not then I've done my job."

Bogvik let the water sluice dismally in and out of his mouth.

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