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Section 1

Foreward (To a biography of Zubin)

My time has come, and I wanted a few words committed to paper. The rest of this volume has been faithfully and expertly accounted by Gartias in her own style, but this foreward is mine.

Many desire to be Utopianist. It is my honour and good fortune to have held that position, and I thank Aetherium for steering me that far, But every victory and defeat beyond the moment I first placed my hat on the hatstand, is solely down to me.

Many candidates, on becoming Utopianist, are quickly forced to resign. The pressure is there from the moment you walk in the door, regardless of how long you spend dreaming and preparing for it, or how much knowledge you possess ahead of the task. What role required is hard work, and even then, my advice for anyone wishing to try it out for size, is that hard work may not be enough.

But... as long as you have conscience, you can succeed - as some say I did. Though naturally, I think there are a million things I could have done better.

Section 2

Take the matter of the rising age. If the law did not exist, I imagine a citizen might live a hundred or more years. Under the ruling, perfect balance exists. My regret is that agreeing the practice took too long, and the door was left open to question when it should have been shut.

Suffice to say, it went (forgive me) beyond faith.

At its heart, the motion was a form of population control, at a time my "conscience" began to surface. I knew that if Redusa or Momoros ever grew too big, the bubble would burst, the earth would shift, and our towers would crumble. We had to be grateful for what we had, take nothing for granted.

It remains my belief that humility and modesty are the foundations of godliness. We accept that in exchange for a life that is short and sweet, we must not outstay our welcome.

Spare now a thought for the Pilipai, whose lives are seldom well-lived. Yes, they may live long, but the concessions of a non-citizen are many, and there will be no place for them in Aetherium come the end. It is for them as much as us, that our cities must remain small. This is our perfect symbiosis.

Section 3

And what of genius, men and women who might only improve with age? Was it hard to see them go, or to exile them to the lands of the Pilipai when they refused to put down the brush? Of course it was. But their bitterness shall never undermine their achievements.

How can we prevent such unique knowledge being thrown to the wind? By bringing those of rising age into education during their final years, so that their knowledge can be transferred. I myself have been seconded to the assembly, teaching the young thinkers all I know. Besides, Aetherium guides us, the voices of the risen. Each age flows seamlessly from one to the next.

On a final note, it is with great delight I see my ecological legacy continues. Our gardens of delight burst with colour in spring, and the sweet aroma of the flowers is what living is all about. The Pilipai keep the river clean, and the grandest new city constructions are made in the aspect of nature, barren and bounteous as she may be. My work on this is my proudest achievement. Gods do not deface Foundation, there are one with it.

We are gods.


Utopianist 2795-2811