Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

At the gardens, we have been having open and frank discussions. But today a pair of Godhands appeared at the back of the crowd. We were unable to speak our true feelings for fear of reprisal.

Molin is a wonderful cook, there can be no doubt. We save our stamps for a taste of his magic, we learn from him, we love him... and we are not alone. Everyone in Foundation has heard the name, even Bandinians. He has never dabbled in politics, never taken liberties (though he could demand any favour he desired from the Stalk). Yet he cannot be god.

Section 2

Next month will be the occasion of his hundredth birthday, which he'll celebrate like every other birthday - working solidly in his kitchen. But to every Saborian, this must surely be a reminder of his contradiction. He is twice the age of any other citizen, yet he is afforded the same privileges.

The trouble is, no-one can imagine life without him - he has no understudies, no competition. His knowledge and craft only seems to improve with age, and not only is he perfectly capable of looking after himself (as we are so often told the elderly cannot), he works harder than everyone else, and produces better results. While his un-Saborian attitudes are well-documented, in particular his love of other cuisines, he has taught Sabor to love these dishes more than their own.

Section 3

It makes you wonder how many more of us might have his talent, if we were able to live beyond the rising. If we felt we had the time to master one thing, not divide ourselves between a hundred things, none of which are of our choosing, how would we fare? It is said that Molin's first assignment at fifteen was as a mason (for which we now use Bandinians or Pilipai), and that was where he learned hard work. One day someone tried a lunch he'd knocked up, and declared it extraordinary. The following year he was reassigned to a kitchen of the cafe above Redusa (We now know it as Molin's Cafe though his name does not appear anywhere at its frontage) where he has remained ever since.