Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

The Saborians got to us first.
Records show we were impressed at the level of understanding achieved by Redusa University, who believe it or not, were our peers in research back in 2740. We had many exchanges, but our knowledge of Atlas trumped theirs, and the first deal was made.

Of course then the Unity knocked at our door, since the Warlocks had heard of our agreement with Sabor. They had scientists too, but no formal institutions, and grew to rely upon us. We knew they'd reward us well, and we exploited that knowledge.

The returns for 2998 show that the income from Unity projects was more than twice that of the Saborian ones. We were greedy, and we kept both. We didn't think about the outcome.

This is a formal apology to all of Gall, on behalf of the Liaison Trustees. Gu-Do has been sentenced, which given what lies ahead for the rest of us, may seem more a reprieve. The sentence shall be resolved privately, by self-issue. She will not have a state funeral.

The best advice we can offer, is to stay at home and spend time with your loved ones. Pray to the gods if you think it well help.

Blowwom Wilts, of the Liasion Trustees, 3038.