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Section 1

The Saborian Academy - A Schoolboy's Diary.

Entry 1

The bilding is pretty the Pilipuses keep it clean they have friendly smiles. Mother said there would be racketball and tonking and all the other sports. I am excited. but not too excited! Mother says "balants is key"

Section 2

Entry 2

The first day I had Rhetor, and it was difficult. I couldn't understand it. They were talking a lot, and I waited and listend. Then I had to speke, and I couldn't speke.

Section 3

Entry 3

We learned not to waste a moment in life. One day I will be a citizun, and I will prove that I am god.

Section 4

Entry 4

We had a bath in sheep's milk. It was smelly of trees in the milk. They said we must prepair for Apotheon tommorow.

Section 5 MISSING

Section 6

Entry 6

Molio hit Piritus who called him names. Grammaticus took Pirituses ear and aksed if he wanted to be Pilipus. He was scarred to lose his place at the school, and he cryed. Grammaticus said he hoped the boy was sorry and the boy told Molio he was sorry.

Section 7

Entry 7

We learned about the wicked Alkabar, and how he tried to defeet all the gods, but the gods were too clever, and wicked Alkabar was defeeted and his people was punished.

Section 8

Entry 8
I'm glad I'm not a Pilipus, they must do all of the things we hate to, like cleaning. Everyone says becoming a citizun is harder, but school is not hard. it is fun. Today we slept in hammocks!

Section 9

Entry 9

Twillo has a father. i laughed a lot, but then others said they've the same too. The strangest is Alleta, who has both mother and father! She says they are in love. Rhetor holeds that everyone is in love, becos we are god, and that bonds are unhellthy. Alleta says they sometimes argue, and gods should not argue becos there is nothing to argue about

Section 10

Entry 10

Twillo's father has to go to the risin place. He is quite old for a father. Twillo had to go home, becos he was too sad. But he is silly, because his father is god, and when he dyes, he will guide him from Erthieriun. Grammaticus helped us work out how old we would be when ours rise. When mother is fifty, so I will be twenty-three.

Section 11

Entry 11

Marshmallows were all over the place, and some got burnd. Then we ran it off and swam it off. We staid on the heath, and listend to the birds singing. We rolled on the wiregrass, and told storys about the ainchents who won over the foul spores of Alkabar.