Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

"A selfless life, a biography of Telemon, by his friend and associate, Maxillus Pendra."

<The book is in terrible condition - yellowed, faded and the print damaged by the elements>

...was a tremendous achievement...indisputable zeal for the cause led to a dramatic improvement in living for all citizens of Redusa and Momoros ...the conurbations Conos and Agbana, brought fully into the fold...

"I had no parents, and no prospects, but Telemon came down to the Sanctuary with Employer Ourus. He said we would all be needed in the Aetherium, and joined me up to the navy...

...I will never forget his kindness, for l have been living well ever since, and we have been winning."

<torn and illegible script.>

...often he can be found wandering the grave pilae, examining the stones, contemplating life and death...

...building up his muscles at the private cloistrum in the Stalk, where members of the assembly and committee convene to discuss government and exercise..


...iIl-founded character assassinations...feeble and mortal the face of difficult decisions...someone had to do it..

...why undo all the good work over foreign policy when utopia shines as bright as ever?