Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

A Cha-boot Compendium -

A tribute to the travellers who hold this form dear. I wrote these as a tribute to the world that once was,

(Translated from the Mellifluan by Banton)

There once was an odd Saborian,

Who practised her fine oratory in,

A Verduban dome,

So far north of home,

It was practivally hyperborean.

Section 2

There once was a flautist Cha-boot,

Who desired to nick all the loot,

'Though she was eager,

The treasure was meagre,

So she sucked it all up with her flute.

Section 3

There once was a lady of Gall,

For whom a Karem did fall,

She denied his advances,

Miming studious trances,

And making him feel rather small.

Section 4

There once was a man from Geutine,
Who liked to keep his teeth clean,
He picked up a stick,
And gave it a lick,
Which made such an act lock obscene.

Section 5

There was a girl of Bargu Jiu,

Who got her foot stuck in a shoe,

With a needle and thread

She put it to bed,

'Though her foot began leaking red goo.

Section 6

There once lived a man in Ozurgeti,

Who would only eat wholemeal spaghetti,

He took it out of a tin,

And sucked it all in,

And spent the rest of the day on the settee.

Section 7

There once was a warlock from Putty

Who put cashews in his butty,

They wobbled about,

And tasted dried out,

No wonder they said he was nutty.

Section 8

There was a Pin from Huacanado,

Who ate the stones of avocado,

He let the flesh go grey

or threw it away,

For he was a drupe aficionado.

Section 9

There once was a Pekoe or Koinos,

Who swapped out his gourd for a loincloth,

He said it was freeing,

Especially when peeing,

And was thinking of taking it all off.

Section 10

There once was a Green Island belle,

Who lived in a bright orange shell,

A murky old lair,

Awash wish sea hare,

Which begins to explain the bad smell.

Section 11

There once was a Great Marsha of Darnik,

Who was always incredibly seasick,

When Atlas brought Flight,

The lad saw the light,

And built a gargantuan skyship.

Section 12

There was a green zealot of Wellah,
A rigid and tiresome young fella'
But matters imperial,
Turned matters funereal,
When he met with a moving propeller.

Section 13

There was an old lady of Diva,

Who contracted a rare type of fever,

She went down south,

Where they looked in her mouth,

And chopped off her tongue with a cleaver.

Section 14

There was once a dice man of Holo,

Who found defeat hard to swallow,

He called the other a cheat

And stoof on his feet,

Inciting the fracas that followed.

Section 15

The was a young swordsman of Karem,

Who desired to have his own harem,

He grew do dejected,

When ladies objected,

That he bathed in a bucket of Arum.

Section 16

There was young scab of Darat,

Whose paws were as quick as a cat.

He'd pilfer and pluck,

From any old duck,

And keep it all under his hat.

Section 17

There once was a girl of Redusa,

Who gave her friend a reducer,

It was right in the belly

She gave it some welly,

Turns out she'd been called a Medusa.

Section 18

There once was a girl of Agbana,

Assigned to work as a tanner.

She went at a pinch,

and thought it a cinch,

To raise the old leather banner.

Section 19

There was an old crone from Selene,

Who made a tincture of bean,

The moon looked down

And gave her a frown,

Saying, "that stuff'll make you turn green."