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Component Naming Conventions and Visuals[]

Currently, the visual model of any procedural ship components directly corresponds to the name of the schematic; using the following format: Prefix Root SuffixStats for Engines and Wings, and Prefix "Root" Suffix-Stats for Cannons and Swivel Guns.

While I have been doing a bit of investigation into the effects of these names, and would be happy to write up more details on the specifics in due time, I am mainly wondering whether there is a suitable way in which we could convey these visual differences on the Wiki. Ideally we'd want to curate a collection of in-game screenshots which consistently highlight the visual differences independently (e.g. screenshots which illustrate the different engine propellers available), but entails the issue of actually procuring a set of consistent and usable screenshots.

I welcome any thoughts on the matter.

EndoMatrix (talk) 01:35, 28 May 2018 (UTC)