Worlds Adrift Wiki

There are several biomes around the world found beyond the Weather Walls. Each region requires different methods to be accessed and has unique region specific crafting recipes. Islands tend to become more complex the higher the tier of the region

Wilderness (Tier 1)[]

New players spawn in this sector after completing Haven. Contains basic schematics and loot.

Data banks provide 25 knowledge here.

Expanse (Tier 2)[]

Similar to the wilderness sector, however players must cross a wind wall to reach it. Better schematics and ship components can be found here. Crossing a wind wall within the Expanse can lead to another Expanse region or to a Wilderness region. Gliders can also be found in this sector.

Data banks provide 30 knowledge here.

Remnants (Tier 3)[]

A higher level sector that requires a sturdy ship to reach since players must cross a storm wall to reach it. The storm walls will batter a players ship with strong winds and lightning that can rip components off a ship. This sector contains high level schematics and unique ship components as well as higher quality resources. Mantas are much more aggressive here than in the previous sectors. Crossing a wind wall within the Remnants will only lead to another Remnants region. Crossing a storm wall always leads into or out of Remnants regions.

Data banks provide 35 knowledge here.

Badlands (Tier 4)[]

This is the highest tier sector and presents the toughest challenges as well as the best rewards. Sandwalls surround these sectors and will blow ships around with strong winds and hurl boulders that can destroy ship components. The best quality resources and schematics can be found in this sector, however Mantas are the most aggressive here. Crossing a wind wall within the Badlands will only lead to another Badlands region

Data banks provide 40 knowledge here.