Worlds Adrift Wiki

Release date: June 12th, 2018

Beta Patch Notes[]


  • Characters can crouch, roll, and sneak now! Holding the Ctrl key will crouch your character if not moving; pressing it while moving will roll your character, and moving while crouched will sneak your character around.
  • The Easter egg dances have now been integrated into a proper emote system! Press C to open up an emote wheel and perform all kinds of animations. In the future, vocalizations will expand on this system.
  • Characters will automatically reach out to touch walls and objects they’re close to again.
  • The “Kraken” bug (a total animation freakout of the player body) has finally been tamed! It might still occur in extreme circumstances, but should be very rare now.
  • Previously, impacting the ground in a specific way could send your character body flying into the stratosphere. This has been fixed.
  • A buggy animation loop, where a falling character would alternate between falling and skydiving, has been fixed.
  • While climbing, aiming your grapple will now stop your movement.
  • It is now easier to start climbing. The speed threshold has been raised, so it’s no longer necessary to be nearly still to initiate climbing.
  • When reeled almost all the way in to the hook attachment point, the player will no longer turn inside out to resolve the animation. As a concession, the arm will now sometimes clip geometry.
  • Fixed various issues with the character trying to aim with torches and other objects.


  • The game camera has been improved when swinging, particularly at speed. Your character can go really fast, and we want the player to feel that speed!
  • Added a feature to toggle the shoulder the game camera looks over. By default this is MMB.
  • After being stationary in the world for a while, the game camera will slowly pan to a cinematic angle.
  • All camera modes have been standardised and tweaked. Say goodbye to uncomfortably close up swinging when equipping the scanner!


  • The cinematic introduction to the world has been properly integrated into the game now! Starting a new character will play a sequence that explains the background of the world, setting the stage for your adventures to come.
  • Some head pieces would float above players and turn them invisible upon relogging. This has been fixed.
  • A strange bug resulting in ship parts in the death clouds not getting deleted from the world has been fixed.
  • The shipyard information panel will now always display the correct information for all parts attached to the docked ship.
  • Timed explosives will no longer be invisible sometimes.
  • Inventory items can no longer overlap the belt space.
  • Occasionally players would not be able to save a ship frame design after editing it. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the circular crafting timer being incorrect when opening a container.
  • The game no longer crashes upon exit.
  • Various client-side performance optimizations have been performed.
  • Various UI fixes.


  • A bug that allowed a player to force nearby other players to go into the animation for swapping their hotbar item has been fixed.
  • Dragging inventory items to an invalid part of the UI no longer prompts the player to delete the item. Only dragging outside all UI will trigger the deletion prompt.
  • Stormwalls and sandstorms have received rendering improvements, displaying more detail and more movement, with better colours.
  • The flying debris inside stormwalls now appear again.
  • Stormwalls’ lightning flashes should now be visible from outside the wall again.
  • Adjusted colours on the Blight.
  • Fixed pixelated cloud cover over certain environment assets.
  • The first item loaded into the hotbar after launching the game will now function properly.
  • Foliage was disappearing at long distances instead of swapping to the lowest detail level. This has been fixed.
  • Atlas shards and power generators will now correctly display the control prompt to press E to interact.
  • A ship docked to a shipyard that gets eaten by the Blight will now undock automatically.
  • Added screen shake to firing a swivel gun.
  • Various new VFX, including wind trails over wings and while on helm, and VFX fixes.
  • Lots of SFX and music levels tweaks.