Worlds Adrift Wiki

Release date: March 22nd, 2018

Beta Patch Notes[]


  • We’ve got a brand new world! Hundreds of new islands from the Island Creator have made it into Worlds Adrift, forming a completely new map with different zones to discover, explore, and map out. We may have kept a handful of old favourites, though…
  • The new islands include new gameplay features: Ungrappleable walls will not allow characters to grapple or climb on them; Spikes will do massive damage to characters on impact; and Barbed Wire and Thorns will slow characters down and do damage when walked through. Island turrets have not yet been implemented, so are turned off for this map.
  • The shipyard dome now blocks pistol bullets, swivel gun shells, and cannon shells. This happens in both directions.


  • Character names are now no longer case sensitive. This means that some players who created a character with a duplicate name (capitalised differently) will find their characters with an underscore appended to the end. You’re welcome to keep this unique, normally non-legal symbol in your name, or you may contact support via to get a fresh rename on your character.
  • Fixed another of the infinite loading screen/greyscreen bugs. More fixes are coming in 0.1.10.
  • Partially fixed players being thrown off ships: in cases where the ship needs to be quickly adjusted on the client to where the server-correct position is, players should now more often stay on the ship instead of being thrown off.
  • Characters will no longer be able to grapple to domes generated by shipyards they are not registered to.
  • 0.1.7 exacerbated a bug where your client would render a second, illusory ship frame overlapping with the real ship frame. The illusory frame had no collision and often differed from player to player. This has been fixed.
  • The shipyard’s ship frame designing feature has received some small quality-of-life improvements. Decks now show in the preview, there’s a new button in the top right to preview the size of characters, and the mouse cursor has been made easier to see. We’re still planning a complete rehaul of the entire interface for future updates.
  • Some islands would drop client framerates to below 1 if looked at from a distance. This absurd bug had to do with lighting data and has been fixed.
  • The atmospherics have gotten more improvements: islands will fade better into distant fog now, and the lighting transitions have gotten an iteration.
  • 0.1.7 introduced a bug where all scanner outputs were duplicated. This has been fixed.
  • 0.1.6 introduced a bug where ship frames and personal revivers provided no information on a scan. This has been fixed.
  • Rich text formatting has been disabled (again) in chat messages.


  • The “move all” button now ignores items stored in your Belt.
  • A server-side performance optimisation for aiming cannons has been implemented.
  • Improved logic for spawning metal scrap deposits, fuel canisters, and revival chambers on/around islands. Revival chambers should now never exit into a rock.
  • Creatures should no longer get into an infinitely retreating behavior.
  • Fixed a bug causing some interactive objects to not display their outline when moused over.
  • The camera effects when entering a Blight now fade in more naturally.
  • The translucent preview for placing objects has been visually upgraded.
  • Other VFX changes and improvements.
  • The resulting colors when crafting with different materials were being flipped for two of the four components in procedural ship parts. This visual bug has been fixed now.
  • Minor text fixes.