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Release date: January 26th, 2017

Alpha 5.3 Patch Notes[]

NOTE: 5.3 was primarily a stress-test/re-run of 5.2 with more players, so only a small amount of bugs were fixed.

DISCLAIMER: The only official notes for 5.3 are from a small forum post by Bossa Herbliu. Herbliu later confirmed that these are the only notes. (See Source 2 for Confirmation)


  • Fix to help maintain creature populations
  • Fix for eggs never hatching
  • Fixed clouds so they don’t cover entire islands
  • The gauntlet salvage mode will no longer damage attached ship parts. This is a temporary change that will most likely be reverted in Alpha 0.0.6 (Alpha 6.0) once we implement things like stacking respawn timer penalties, islands that don’t have revival chambers, etc.


  1. (Patch Notes)
  2. (Confirming Forum-only Patch Notes & Confirming Release Date)