Worlds Adrift Wiki

Release date: December 12th, 2016

Alpha 5.0 Patch Notes[]


  • The multitool has been renamed the gauntlet, and now works differently: simply hold down the left mouse button and the gauntlet will fire repeatedly.
  • The hotbar now splits the four functions of the gauntlet and scanner into four separate slots.
  • Metal scrap deposits have been revamped completely, and should no longer suck.
  • The new shipyard makes its debut! Build your custom ship frame exactly how you want: tall and skinny or wide and flat, small and sleek or big and bulky, it’s all up to you.
  • Sails are now craftable and attachable to decks. A ship now only technically needs a core and a sail to fly, though you’ll definitely want to add a helm and a reviver. Pay attention to the direction of the wind!
  • Islands now contain lootable containers, where ancient schematics are now found.
  • Scraps of ancient writing can also be found, which players can collect and read in the new Codex tab. These also grant Knowledge when collected.
  • Islands now also have ancient Saborian databanks scattered around. Scan these for Knowlege, which you can use to specialize your character in the Knowledge tree tab of your character sheet.
  • The UI has seen another facelift, with tons of new icons, including distinct icons for different types of wood and metal.
  • Players can play as the male character now!
  • Characters are a lot more athletic now, and can rappel off walls and even do a bit of wall running if controlled well.
  • The grappling hook can retract quickly, pulling you in suddenly. You can trigger this move with Spacebar if your character is off the ground.
  • Players can now grapple to the shipyard dome.
  • The shipyard lock and ownership system has been simplified: The player who places it is the owner, but unused shipyards will become free to claim after a certain amount of time.
  • The player now starts the game knowing how to craft the wooden Scavenger’s Helm and Scavenger’s Atlas Core, and will have to learn the metal variants through gameplay.
  • The crossbow has been replaced by the pistol, which should be easier to aim with.
  • Lots and lots of new music and sound effects!


  • We’ve fixed most cases of the character exerting exceptional forces on physical objects: No more kicking eggs!
  • Fixed most ways of duping or losing inventory items, or overlapping them.
  • Hotbar should be a lot more accurate.
  • Characters no longer fall through islands or revival chambers while loading in.
  • Fixed most connection errors. If this still happens, restart the client and please let us know!
  • Placing explosives and lifters has been fixed.
  • Engines and helms can no longer be placed incorrectly.
  • Fortune no longer favors the bold when the bold try to glide through storms.
  • Fully destroyed objects now disappear from the world.
  • Occasionally ships could fall off a shipyard as soon as they finished crafting or even during crafting; this should no longer happen.
  • Game camera should no longer convulse and clip through objects, and should work better overall.
  • Reduced jittering of loose objects on ships.


  • When approaching islands, the client will briefly hang, often causing the character to get thrown off her ship.
  • Connection menu will sometimes lay over the in-game screen: Restart the client to fix.
  • Sometimes ships flip out when crossing some invisible world boundaries.
  • After using the crew beacon, your character can get stuck in mid-air, with a subtle loading circle overlay: If not fixed after 60 seconds, restart the client.
  • Ships rubberband when flying.
  • Sometimes interactions show considerable lag.
  • WiFi may incur problems: Best played on an ethernet connection for now.
  • Using explosives on metal scrap deposits will bug the deposit and prevent harvesting.
  • Trees sometimes duplicate when you chop them.
  • Logging in onto a moving ship may result in the ship having moved out from under the character by the time the character loads in.
  • The client will enter a ‘not responding’ state or crash occasionally: Restart the client to fix.
  • Ships are not reliably despawning upon the owners logging out.
  • Framerate sometimes drops severely when placing parts on ships.
  • Some islands, newly imported from the Island Creator, have missing environmental assets.
  • Fog/cloud cover is excessive.
  • When trying to repair full-health objects, “Item is damaged beyond repair” will incorrectly display.


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